Genre: Death metal • Formed: 2000
Country: UA
Formed in Nov, 2000, band recorded first demo material "Interuterine Dilemms" and played some live gigs in Ukraine. In 2003 the band recorded their debute CD "Killing Absorption" in Berliner Domino Studio. Also at the same time FLESHGORE played the first show in Europe together with The Crown (Sweden), Skinless (USA). In October appeared the first printing of Killing Absorption and band toured in Germany, Sweden, Belgium and The Netherlands. In 2004 Killing Absorption was released by Czech NTEY Records. In March-April musicians drive on "Grind'em All Tour", the strikes were made on Poland, Denmark, Germany and Ukraine. The summer festival period was planned with concerts on «More Than Fest»(sk), «Obscene Extreme» (cz), «Svet Nerezovi Oceli»(cz) and «Merciless East Festival» (pl).

In Sep.-Oct., band went on to «All Over Absorbing European Tour 2004». Together with Belgian "Prejudice" and mexican "Rottenness" they played in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria etc.

In February 2005 in polish "Hertz Studio" «May God Strike Me Dead» was recorded. The support of this release was the 30-days expansion to west was started — «Mega Strike Europe in Chaos Tour 2005». This incredible journey included 24 shows in 10 countries of Europe. In October with the aim of worldwide spread the contracts with American «This Dark Reign Records»/«Devil Doll Records» were signed. On May 9, 2006 from the Atlantic west coast the releases of the past years and later the brand new stuff were started. The "Passion" video is made as well. The work is in the spirit of the alternative movie style looks like styling the documentary retrospective. In the end of that month the band was representing the Eastern Europe region on the most brutal music fest "Fuck the commerce".

In august FLESHGORE became the first band from ex-USSR performing on legendary "Wacken Open Air". A week later they are on stage along with Fear Factory, Dimmu Borgir and Morbid Angel on the biggest Czech festival "Brutal Assault Open Air". In the end of the year the musicians are working on the creation of newest promo "Wake Up For Freedom". The interest of putting the extreme energy into more musical forms is turning out to unexpectable compositional experiments and venturous styling synthesis. In October 2007 band touring over Australia and conquering a new continent together with The Berzerker, The Amenta, Blood Duster, Akercocke. Australia is 19th country where Fleshgore played live.

At this 9 years of hard working Ukrainian band make unbelievable progress for any bands from ex-USSR countries, Fleshgore played in 19 countries and released 2 full-length albums and few EP releases and promos!

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